City of Nosléans

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Greetings from Noslim Newel of the City Nosléans “Nos-lay-on”

Newel County / Bloodoak Duchy / Bordweall Kingdom of NA East

We welcome all regardless of your position and value each member of our community. Who are we as a people? Many a Citizen may or may not own land here but happily call Nosléans home! Any Gentry who owns land and is successful in his/her craft will always lend a helping hand when called upon. Council members are experts in their trade and assist in the day-to-day operation. High Council members are leading authorities in their respective areas of town politics. As your Count of Newel at our county seat Nosléans, I pledge to serve as county/city planner and final authority, for matters concerning council, reserving the right to veto any bill where our commonwealth is neglected or council fails to reach 70% majority.

Newel is a central supporting pillar for the Bloodoak Duchy focusing on a mix of pvp and crafting. We’re close enough to the front to be convenient, but not so close as to be uncomfortable. We’ll be a trade hub and a quick reaction force (possibly cavalry) to support the frontline counties.

We are actively seeking individuals to join us and assist in one of the following trades:

Producers (blacksmiths, bakers, alchemists, and tailors)
Suppliers (gatherers and merchants including miners, lumberjacks, and farmers)
Explorers (scouts, guides, and cartographers)
Champions (town guards, militia, and sheriff)

The Producers are the crafters of the world. They’re the blacksmiths, bakers, alchemists, and tailors. When they’re not crafting they’re selling their goods in a storefront or auction house.

Suppliers, which are further divided into Gatherers and Merchants, Gatherers are your miners, lumberjacks, and farmers. Meanwhile, Merchants travel long distances in order to requisition the more extraordinary or rare materials.

Explorers are those who specialize in survival skills, allowing them to be out of town for long periods of time, making their living by knowing what’s where, and charting the safest way to get there.

Champions are the bodyguards, sell-sword, soldiers, and dungeon-delvers of the world. When merchants make their way along dangerous trade routes, it’s the Champion who keeps them safe.

Once you have selected a suitable trade, citizens of Nosléans should recognize leadership in the community as:


Producers – Laborer
Suppliers – Gatherer
Explorers – Scout
Champions – Sentry or Militiamen


Producers – Journeyman or Contractor
Suppliers – Merchant or Farmer
Explorers – Guide
Champions – Guard or Cavalryman


Producers – Master of Craft or Chief Architect
Suppliers – Master of Coin or Chief of Agriculture
Explorers – Chief Cartographer or Adjutant Minister
Champions – Corporal of the Guard or Sergeant at Arms

{High Council}

Producers – Interior Minister
Suppliers – Treasurer
Explorers – Exterior Minister
Champions – Sheriff


County Mayor or Baron

If you, not only enjoy your trade but, want to help our community succeed in all its endeavors…

Welcome to Nosléans! Vive la Bordweall!!