Newel County Launched!

We have officially launched our own County Newel – We will continue to work very closely with Cedargore County and plan to be next door neighbors at launch! We share the same ideals, goals and will assist in any way possible to make sure both our counties are successful. It’s my hope that Elb will continue to give us council and will be welcome in any discussions we have so long as he chooses.. Thank you all for your support and don’t hesitate to ask for anything you may need!

Why so much leadership?

It’s go big or go home right? We plan to have 100-150 members in our city with a structure set up much like many of the successful guilds I’ve ran in the past. We will have 4 “High” council positions to lead their respective areas that we plan to focus on supported each by 2-4 (council members) officers.

All council members will be invited to the council unanimously by the current council and will be removed in the same fashion.

Our council meetings will consist of 13-23 members that will speak and present propositions for our community.

My hope is to not only be a great leader for Nosléans but to also recognize leadership within our community and put them in positions to promote quality, efficiency, growth and change if needed for our city.